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Average sales $938

This one book sells 118 copies** a month on average.

Could You Use An Extra $2236 month?

This is the average sales volume for the top 20** adult sudoku books.  Most were published over a year ago.  Multiply that out.... 

12 x $2236 = $26,832

From ONE book.  And that's just looking at Amazon!  Add in Etsy, Gumroad, etc and the potential is there! 

**Stats obtained from KDSPY analysis software

Average sales $1526

This title sells on average 192 copies** every month!  How about having a piece of that pie??

While Having ONE Book in the Top 20 Would Be Fabulous,

You don't need it.  It's a numbers game.  The more you have out there, the more you will sell.  You just need to get those listings entered, the pdfs uploaded.  Quantity.  If you have 10 books/printable bundles making you $100 month each, that's $1000.  And it wouldn't take a large number of sales to hit $100 each....  

And what if you didn't have to create the interiors?  Just pick and choose, copy and paste?

With This Bundle Alone, You Could EASILY Create More Than 50 DIFFERENT Autumn Themed Puzzle Books & Printable Packs, Plus You Can Make Color & B&W Versions For Over 100 Potential Options At Least!

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45 Jigsaw/Draw-It Puzzles

15 different color images broken into 3 different difficulty levels.  You can use the solutions and include them as a jigsaw puzzle to be cut apart.  Or use the puzzle as a draw it type puzzle which can they be cut apart after copying the images.  Include both for the most options!  Choose from 3 rows of puzzle pieces, 5 rows or 7 rows.  All pieces have a square connector to make cutting out easy for younger hands.  The really young will require assistance.  Keep in color for printables, or convert to black and white for print mediums, or keep in color and charge more.

File types: JPG and PPTX

360 Shaped Word Searches

9 different shapes with 10 each of 4 different "difficulty" levels.  Difficulties include, no diagonals, simple diagonals (right to left), diagonals (all directions) and diagonals & backwards.  Check out the cute shapes!  These are perfect for different age groups and could easily be marketed to the adult group that are "time challenged".  Think 5 minute Fall Word Searches, etc. Challenge them to time themselves!  Or just use these for your kids books or printables.  Use as is in color or convert to black and white.

File types: JPG and PPTX

360 Small Mazes & 360 Medium Mazes

9 different shapes and 3 different difficulty levels. Full color, so you can chose to have colorful printables or grayscale for a print book.  Like the word searches, these can be marketed for a variety of age ranges including adults.  Think 1 minute mazes.  Don't overlook the party market either!  These would be great as part of package for parties!  Some of the images are suitable for more than just fall so you can get money earned in multiple formats!  Add images to the maze paths for customization and more variety!

File Types: JPG and PPTX

240 Kids Sudoku Puzzles

There are 60 of each puzzle, for a total of 240 kids Sudoku puzzles.  All feature differing symbols in full color.  When converted to monochrome, symbols are still distinguishable from each other.











180 9x9 Sudoku Puzzles In 3 Difficulty Levels

You got 60 of each difficulty for a total of 180 9x9 Sudoku puzzles. All puzzles are using 9 different Autumn inspired symbols in full color.  The symbols are different enough to be easily distinguishable when converted to monochrome as well.










700 Sudoku Variation Puzzles In 2 Difficulty Levels

You get 50 of each difficulty for a total of 700 Sudoku puzzles. All puzzles are using 9 to 12 different Autumn inspired symbols in full color.  The symbols are different enough to be easily distinguishable when converted to monochrome as well.  Variations include Sudoku X, Sudoku Hyper, Sudoku Twins, two different Triathlon layouts, Sudoku Marathon, and Sudoku Samurai.










With This Bundle Alone, You Could EASILY Create More Than 50 DIFFERENT Autumn Themed Puzzle Books & Sell Them:

  • On Amazon KDP print on demand
  • On Etsy as printables
  • On Gumroad
  • On Amazon Ignite - as educational puzzles (Word Searches, Mazes, Jigsaw) for various age ranges and for older kids as logic building puzzles (Sudoku)
  • Lulu - print on demand
  • At Vendor/Craft shows - have printed puzzle bundles ready to go!
  • On Your OWN Website
  • On Social Media Platforms 
  • Market them on Pinterest
  • Create Mugs and more - perfect for those puzzle enthusiasts (you know the ones - they always have multiple puzzle books in progress!)

And certainly there are other selling opportunities out there as well!


Get 2,145 Different Autumn Themed Puzzles

  • Files come in full-color JPG and PPTX formats. 
  • Easily convert to monochrome or keep in color.
  • Solutions included.
  • Add branding, cover and start selling right away.
  • Or edit, modify, re-purpose as desired.

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