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I’ll show you how to get started, how to keep scaling and adding different methods, so you can build your business in the way that you want. I even have interiors ready for you to mix, match and publish.


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One, two or all three?

Three basic paths to explore:

Printable Sites such as Etsy, Gumroad, Amazon Ignite...
Physical books including POD such as Amazon KDP, Lulu...
Your own website, your own brand, your choice...

Build an income = build financial freedom

With all the different markets out there, getting started is a matter of some effort and time. Staying with it, building continuously, is the key to turning this from a hobby into a profitable, consistent, income opportunity.

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Want to jumpstart into Etsy?

Get all the basics and then some

From getting set up to some basic tips and tricks, these videos will get you jump started and rolling.  All at a very wallet friendly price tag.


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Looking for sample content?


We can make well over 100 different puzzle types/grids/difficulties.  Wow right?  It's really over 100 without taking into account difficulty levels.  So how about a sampling?

Sample coming soon......

Word Lists Monthly


Need word lists to use for making your own puzzles?  We add 30 new lists every single month!  Plus the over 200 lists that are already available for you by topic.

Take me to the word lists....

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